The state-of-the-art laboratories in BSI facilitate the training and teaching of student          in various streams. The labs cater to the needs of the students studying in respective departments. Our laboratories comply with the International standards which help the students to be well conversant with the various instruments. By handling the most sophisticated equipments, the students build up a high confidence level, which benefit them in the long run Electronics and Digital Lab Electronics and digital laboratory is a fully developed lab in the area of 150 square meter well equipped with CRO; AD Converters; DA Converters, FET Characteristics amplifier    OP-Amp.Mux & Demux kits and variety of I.Cs.; Function Generators, Half-adder and half subtractor etc. All the experiments as per the University syllabus can be carried out with the help of these equipments. Electrical Machine & Instrumentation Lab This lab consists of Basic Electrical & Electronics Lab as well as Machine Lab. This lab is equipped with variety of trainer kits and machines for performing requisite experiments namely Verification of network theorems; Study of series and parallel resonance condition by RLC Kit; Study of half wave and full wave rectifier circuit with and without capacitor filter and determine the ripple factor; Determination of common base and common gates (TTL) Measurement of power consumed in three phase circuit by two emitter characteristics of a transistor etc.
In this lab practical related to all the instruments use in electrical engineering are performed out (according to syllabus) like working of whetstone bridge, transducer, testing of accuracy of instruments.
Computer & Internet Lab This lab is having 120 computers in perfect working conditions having speed of 2.66G Hz and all are Pentium-4.Variety of software is available to the students to perform practical. Emphasis is given on the Data base handling; software project development Programming techniques in various programming languages.
Computer lab is connected to the internet through tower having very good speed. The students have their own internet accounts and can access information to their need. Separate internet lab is for the staff where all academic and other information is accessible through the net. The internet facility is available to the students for                whole of the day so that they can take advantage even after normal working hours.
Mechanical Workshop A magnificent state-of-the-art workshop is equipped with machine tools and gadgets of carpentry, foundry, fitting metal joining and machine shop. Lathe and shaper machines, Gas Welding and Arc welding set-ups are in the workshop. This workshop trains the students to deal with various aspects of raw material, measurement and processes leading to its conversion of raw material to usable product.