Descripton about Polytechnic :

Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering is a professional disciplline that deals with the design,construction and mnufacture of the physical and natural built enviornment and large part of civil deals with structures planing and manufacturer of the structure like Bridges,Airport,Buildings etc.Civil Engineering is the oldest branch of Engineering which is growing right from stone age civilization. Civil Engineering as the profession in which a knowledge of mathematical and physical science gained by the study ,experience and practice is applied with judgement to develop ways to utilize the materials and forces of the nature for well being of Man.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering emerged as a field during the industrial revolution in Europe in the 19th century; however, its development can be traced back several thousand years around the world. The field has continually evolved to incorporate advancements in technology, and mechanical engineers today are pursuing developments in such fields as composites,mechatronics,and nanotechnology. Mechanical engineering overlaps with Aerospace engineering, Civil engineering ,Electrical engineering and Petroleum engineering to varying is an engg. branch that ws developed from applicaton of pricipal from physics and science.

Electrical Engineering
Electrical engineering is one branch of the engineering profession, and is concerned with the understanding of electricity and the development of electronic systems.The field of electrical engineering was established at the end of the 19th century when electricity generation and telegraph systems were being developed. The field has grown to encompass the computing and electronics fields, in addition to telecommunications and power transmission.The modules of electrical system and engineering are available in Laboratory.this engineering branch has also many features of electronics engineering.